Monday, May 7, 2018

Press Release # 11 Crossing 200,000 Page Views

May 7, 2018

By: David L. Morrill
@ Mototique

Just noticed that Mototique recently crossed 200,000 pages views. To all those folks who read, and share my episodes, thank you so very much! Never thought I would reach this point.


David L. Morrill


  1. Nice sharing. I love everything this post. I would like to also know a little bit more about the Nelson Ledges Race Course event

  2. From what I see on on a short check, the current circuit was first opened in the 1950s as a dirt track, probably oval. Don’t have anything on racing in this area in the esrly years of motorcycling, but I’m sure there was racing of somr form in the early days.