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100 Years Ago Today - Episode # 35

By: David L. Morrill
@ Mototique

Updated: August 6, 2015

Gene Walker at Bob Stubbs Indian Dealership in Birmingham, AL. ca. 1913
Furman Family Collection

100 Years ago today, a young Birmingham, Alabama motorcycle mail clerk, took his first step towards becoming one of the most accomplished professional motorcycle racers of his time.

On July 10, 1915, Gene Walker won the Five Mile National Championship Race at Saratoga, New York. This was Walker's first season as a member of the Indian Motocycle's Factory Racing Team.

Motorcycle Illustrated - July 15, 1915

Pittsburgh, PA. Daily Post - July 11, 1915
During his ten year racing career, Walker won 19 National Championships, numerous non championship races, and set track records at racetracks across the country.

Atlanta Constitution - September 1919

In April 1920, he set the first officially recognized motorcycle land speed record for Indian at Ormond Beach, Florida.

Indian Motocycles Wigwam News - May 1920

Indian Motocycle Ad - 1920
Walker died of injuries sustained in a practice crash in June 1924 at the age of thirty.

Birmingham, AL. News - June 1924
Indian Motocycle Memorial Ad - June 1924

Gene Walker was inducted into the American Motorcyclist Association's Hall of fame in 1998.

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Atlanta, GA. Constitution

Birmingham, AL. News

Furman Family Collection

Gene Walker, Birmingham's Lost Racing Champion - Episode 2

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Indian Motocycle Wigwam News

Motorcycle illustrated

Pittsburgh, PA. Daily Post

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